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Mark Barrett began his career in antiques diving in skips when he was supposed to be doing something else!

It was the story behind the antiques, the nostalgia, even the smell that gave him the inspiration to ditch everything else and focus on what he loved best.

Thirty three years later, Trinovante Trading is going from strength to strength.

So, Why the name Trinovante Trading? The Trinovantes were the Iron Age Celtic tribe living in Essex, the hub of the business and where Mark and his partner Tracy were born and bred. These Celts were great traders, even in Europe, where Mark spends a lot of time on buying trips.

In essence, Trinovante Trading is a trading company. We buy and sell beautiful antiques, collectables and decorative objects, both for interior and exterior use and display. From individual pieces of furniture to bulk purchase items.
Mark J Barrett, Trinovante Trading: 0790 306 1027
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